Instructions for ordering Procera Implant Bridge framework

To try Procera Implant Bridge framework, complete the order by sending the following:
  1. Master model with (new), clean and undamaged replicas. The model must have removable soft tissue lining around all replicas and under the entire frame, including the extensions. Each replica must stick up through the stone at least 1 mm.
  2. An approved tooth set-up. The correct color resin teeth in wax.
  3. Information on type of veneering material.
  4. If you desire porcelain design, you also need to send a bite index and the opposite jaw modell.
  5. Send the tooth set-up and model separate and packed well, to avoid damage during transport, and send it to the adress below via courier mail (DHL, TNT etc.) Do not include the articulator or the base. The mastermodel must be separative from the base.
  6. Please include a note of your adress/phone, fax and e-mail, and patient ID for easy communication if necessary.
Within 10 days after receiving the order we will send you the polished framework, set-up and model back via courier mail. The framework will be ready to for veneering.

We could do the veneering as well. Either with the prosthetic teeth from set-up or in porcelain. Please do not forget to note the shade/color of the veneering if you desire this service. If we do the veneering the total deliverytime will be 3 weeks.

Billing/invoicing will be done through SML Dentallaboratorium AB Gothenburg.

Send the order to:
Karl Gustavsgatan 30

SML Dentallaboratorium AB Phone: +46-31-166750 Fax: +46-31-165750