Complete service

SML is a full-service laboratory. Our ambition is to perform fast, high-quality work, and to simplify matters in other ways for our customers.
  • Thanks to our courier service, we can pick up work in the immediate area within 24 hours.
  • We can be reached by phone throughout the entire working day.
  • You get personal contact with our dental technicians.
  • We are located in the central part of Gothenburg. It is easy to reach the lab, either by car or with public transportation.
  • It is always possible for you to book the work in advance.
  • We have most materials in stock and can therefore begin jobs as soon as they arrive.
  • We receive patients for colour-matching.
  • We can offer our customers support and advice in complicated cases.
  • We organise training and seminars.

SML Dentallaboratorium AB Phone: +46-31-166750 Fax: +46-31-165750